useful things

I might be endlessly curious but I am also a creature of habit. This page is a record of my favourite favourites.

The following people are very generous public academics who have helped me navigate the academy—from PhD to ECR.

The following websites always have something interesting to read across a broad range of subjects. As a consequence, I no longer trawl through news sites looking for interesting commentary but check-in regularly with:

I’m trying to find decent podcasts to listen to during my commute. It’s interesting to consider what actually makes for a good podcast and unsurprisingly not all podcasts are created equal. Currently I always listen to:

  • The effort report Elizabeth Matsui (paediatrician and medical researcher) and Roger Peng (bio statistician) have great conversations that reveal the invisible workings of the academy to new comers.
  • Tara Brabazon and company cover a range of things from their research in Cultural Studies, to completing the the PhD, managing the transition to ECR, learning to become a supervisor and just generally enjoying and getting a grip on ‘the academic life’. Follow her on twitter for updates or subscribe to her podcasts on your phone.