A need to understand drives my research but working with design teams—to solve pressing problems—shapes the research I do.

I am a thinker, doer and writer.

Pippa Yeoman BA Hons (UCT), MPhil (Cantab), PhD (Sydney)

I have worked in industry at a senior level (Director of Business Development) and run a small business of my own.  My unique mix of academic and commercial experience serves me well in environments undergoing change.

I actively maintain connections with industries related to my research through membership of Learning Environments Australasia and in my capacity as founding co-chair of a special interest group in Learning space, at the University of Sydney. Both of which aim to bring professionals, practitioners and researchers—with an interest in learning space—together. Based on my experience I was invited to serve as juror in the Learning Environments Australasia annual design awards , and have served as lead juror in the category of Educational Innovation. For more information about my past roles, please consult my LinkedIn profile.


I work as an educational expert on project user groups in the planning and development of university infrastructure, and as an academic expert advising architects during the design phase of NSW Education infrastructure projects.


I love working with project user groups to bring people, pedagogy and place into alignment. Whether it’s at the start of a new project or in the middle of a messy hand over, there is always something to learn and a creative solution to be found.

My workshops are very hands-on. I have developed a simple way of connecting theory and practice that has deep theoretical roots in the learning sciences and architecture, and practical roots in design thinking, disruptive design and systems thinking.


As an ethnographer, my first love is observational work. To date I have conducted almost 1,000 hours of observations in innovative learning environments in school and university settings. Based on this I am developing innovative methods for conducting nuanced but scalable post occupancy evaluations.