about me

I am an ethnographer. I explore how learning activity responds to the environment, and how our epistemology of learning—or how we think about how we learn—shapes the environments in which we learn.

Learning is not bound by time and place, and curating complex learning environments requires a subtle understanding of the interplay between people, place and pedagogy. In communicating my work I aim to provide knowledge that is actionable, in the hope that it will inspire theoretically informed action in the world.

Currently I am POST DOCTORAL RESEARCH FELLOW on an ARC Discovery Project: Modelling complex learning spaces: connecting use, management and design. At the UNIVERSITY OF SYDNEY in the Centre for Research on Learning and Innovation. 

I am also a member of LEARNING ENVIRONMENTS AUSTRALASIA where I enjoy the privilege of  acting as a juror in their annual design awards.

This site is a bit like me—a gathering of things and thought in processes of flow—maybe one day, looking back, it  will all make sense. But, for now, I won’t try and explain it or  make excuses for it. Thanks for stopping by and please don’t hesitate to get in touch, I am always happy to talk about my work or your interest in environments for learning.