Surprised by progress

My morning walk from the station to the university campus where I work takes me through an area that has recently been gentrified, along city streets that are marked with spilt paint and chewing gum, and through a building site that resists all attempts to divert pedestrian traffic around it.

I am curios but I’m not easily surprised, which made the morning of the 7th April unusual.

After determinedly making my way around signs that offered an alternate route and carefully navigating a corner, I looked up. The quality of the light was different despite it being a grey day and I couldn’t help but smile, stop and dig out my phone.

A site, recently raised to the ground and draped in cladding to hide ‘work in progress’, had been revealed. No construction. Just a green rectangle of grass, and to one side a couple of trees appeared to stretch out their limbs and settle in the breeze.

I’m not sure who decided that land previously valued by the number of square meters of productive office space it could accommodate, would now be valued for its ’emptiness’.

But thank you.

I look forward to watching how this space is used overtime.

And to those who measure these things, I have not stopped to walk or sit on this patch of grass let alone work on it. But every time I come around the corner its presence gives me pause for thought and I breath easier.



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